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Why Trust The Locals?

We ensure flawless execution and the flexibility to choose the kind of experience you expect, respecting the nature.


Best Travel Guides

We work with local tour operators with experienced drivers who will provide you with the best and most affordable travel experience.


24X7 On-Trip Assistance

We ensure to provide all types of on-trip assistance, throughout your journey to ensure a pleasant holiday experience.

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Best Rate Guarantee

We merge with local service providers to support Sustainable tourism. This allows us to provide top-quality services at an affordable rate.

Responsible Tourism

Responsible Tourism

Our values are to support Sustainable tourism and expect our travelers to respect our values. Our tour guide will ensure that our activities are healthy towards nature and lead towards responsible tourism.

Explore Personalized Sikkim Trips

Find out trips that suits your interests, tastes, and budget.

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We Pledge to Travel Better & Protect Nature

We support and do our part to protect & conserving the places we visit collaboratively.

Did You Know?

Traveler About 65% of the travelers are interested towards exploring natural and scenic beauty.

Forest Alteration of ecosystem due to tourist activities has led to negative impact on both land and marine environments.

WildlfieWildlife tourism contributes more than 25% to global GDP each year.

Paw More than 1 million plant and animal species are threatened with extinction.

What We're Doing to Make An Impact

Bringing Natural Climatic Conditions

We are committed to the protection of forests and natural habitats for which we promote various programs such as keeping a green environment, planting trees, and many more.

Environmental Awareness
Spreading Environmental Awareness

We inform our travelers, business partners, and local communities about conserving our environment and its natural resources along with the benefits of protecting our environment.

Eco-Friendly Businesses
Choosing Eco-Friendly Businesses

We support eco-friendly businesses by avoiding the use of paper and plastics that can help create a better environment. We implement fair practices that lead to the conservation of the environment and its natural resources.

Sustainable Tourism Destinations

We provide wonderful destinations that operate on the basis of the principles of Sustainable tourism which include the protection of nature and managing the impacts of tourism on the environment and its ecosystem.

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Get ready for green & unique tour experiences in Sikkim with Trust The Locals

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Responsible Tourism

Create a memorable holiday with Trust The Locals

Explore the untouched part of Sikkim in a whole new way. Trust The Locals ensures to make your holiday a memorable one with the help of personalized tours and quality services based on your needs. We are committed to the protection of the environment and supporting local communities for which Trust The Locals mostly work with local accommodations and tour agencies. This also helps us to provide you with affordable holiday tours without compromising the quality of the service.

Here at Trust The Locals we work with locals providing organic foods and small but comfortable accommodations. Working with locals also allows us to guide you through the untouched parts of Sikkim that will help you to make your holiday a memorable one with us. We support Sustainable tourism therefore we ensure that all of our guests are acknowledged with our values and cooperate with us towards maintaining a healthy environment.