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TRUST THE LOCALS is your personal and most trusted travel partner offering you personalize, flawless execution and the flexibility to choose the kind of experience you expect. We are here to offer you with a journey to a single destination that is well-planned and designed according to your interest and beliefs from beginning to the end. All of this while giving you the best value for your money without compromising on quality.

All our Fleet are inspected periodically to ensure you a Safe Travel experience and Cleaned and Sanitized with every Ride. Drive safely with us with our background verified Drivers and trained to deliver only the best experience.

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Promoting Environment Friendly Tourism

We are committed to sustainable tourism and the protection and preservation of the mountain habitat and local communities. As such we abide by and support local conservation projects and policies for the continued evolution and protection of the mountain environment and its inhabitants. We offer our service by choosing the companies, hotels and tour operators that practice Sustainable Tourism and also follow the same values as of ours. This also allows us to perform our operations along with contribution towards our natural environment by supporting our communities and society. This also allows us to create experiences that transform our guests' lives.

Most of our guides and tour operators belongs to the local area and have the support the values as we do. We prefer more of the small and comfortable hotel services that not only help to provide unique accommodation services but also help to support the local community. The foods and cuisines we offer are prepared with the help of home grown vegetables and organic ingredients. We merge with international brands and hotel chains only if they ensure to work with sustainability and protecting the natural habitat of our environment.

At Trust The Locals we are committed towards the protection of natural environment and support Sustainable tourism for which the use of paper is minimal. The promotion of the business and communication with customers are performed digitally with the help electronic distribution.


We're Travel Designers Safeguarding Intersets of People & Nature

Since "Trust The locals" being established in Year 2015, the Himalayan yak has been our Organization logo. In Tibetan Language Yak is Pronounced as 'Yag'. YAK is considered as backbone of pastoral nomad life, with this animal being important to the economic and personal wellbeing of the family. Yak rearing is an eco-friendly source of income for the nomads. This is possible as our company follows on the values regarding maintaining a balance among protection of people, environment and its natural habitat.

Trust The locals was officially established in year 2016 by Tapan Pradhan, whose love for the mountains began during his school days in Sikkim. His love for food, art and Culture combined with a passion for Himalayas, is the creative force behind Trust The Locals.

Trust The Locals is born out of Tapan's understanding of the sophisticated travellers he has spent his career catering to. Creating sensitive and private experiences in remote location of Sikkim without compromising on authenticity or comfort was unparalleled at the time of conception and continues to be so today.

Beautiful and remote location of Sikkim

Trust The Locals offers a rare opportunity to discover beautiful and remote location of Sikkim Himalayas through Village tours and Treks, combining an honest and sustainable approach with refined simplicity and style.

As people who are passionate about travel. We look it as our duty to inform our customers regarding the importance of conserving and protecting the environment along with supporting our local society and businesses.

Trust The Locals understand that every client is different, which is why we do not offer "please all" off-the shelf packaged holidays. We offer customized journey plans for our customer that are created based on their personal interest and belief. We are "Travel Designers" bringing creativity into our bespoke journeys. We spend time to listen to our Travellers, understand their interests, preferences, expectations and even guide them through an inspiration, in case they are not yet decided on where exactly they want to explore and experience in Sikkim.